Sonarpur Spoting Union

About Membership

Sonarpur Sporting Union is a democratically run club. Every three years the valid members of East Bengal Club elect 15 Executive Committee Members and the President and The General Secretary. Members come and cast their votes at the venue of election i.e. Club Premises.

The elected committee then nominates four Vice Presidents and co-opts four members to form a 21member Executive Committee.

In the election year of the club the Executive Committee appoints an Election Board comprising 3 members and the senior most member of the Election Board is appointed as Chairman of the Board. The President of the Club is the Chairman of the Election Process. To be appointed into the Election Board the 3 members must be valid members of the Club and should neither be proposers or seconders of any candidate, nor be candidates themselves in the Club elections.

Valid Members are ‘Ordinary Members', having to renew membership every year by paying subscription at for last two years. The Members want to submit nomination for the post of The President and The General Secretary have to be a regular member at least for last Ten Years and Five Years respectively. The AGM is held within 30th September every year and all members are intimated by serving notice. The official website of the Club also announce the AGM as well.

Facilities for members :

Entry access to Sangha Bhaban and Subas Bhaban. Free access to members gallery on all matches at our Subhendu Maidan ground.

Free access to members gallery on all matches at our Subhendu Maidan ground.

Want to be a member?

If you wish to become a member of our club please mail us on :

Contact The General Secretary of the Club for Membership Application Form.