Sonarpur Spoting Union

Who Are We ?

Information Data
Founded on 1919
Founder Late Charu Chandra Bose & Late Bipin Chandra Ghosh
Founder President Late Bankim Behari Ghosh
Founder Gen. secretary Late Kali Charan Chakraborty
First Football Captain Late Triguna Charan Chakraborty
First Cricket Captain Late Sujan Kumar Ganguly
Uniform Red & White
1st Div. Football League Champion for the first time 1966
1st Div. Cricket League Champion for the first time 1960
Annual Athletic Meet Champion for the first time 1965
Club Building One room made up of “Hogla” at Sahebpara in the year 1961 and the current building constructed in 1966 at the same place.
Club Ground & Club House Opened on 15th April 1980

The propitious birth of Sonarpur Sporting Union in the year 1919 ensued in a palacious mansion much revered for its name as it cradled a number of eminent personalities of Sonarpur. This age old mansion “Basu Bhaban” can be traced to the East of Sonarpur Railway Station. It is a brief walk from the station keeping aside the Sonarpur Bazar at its left. The main gate still bears the name provoking its prominence. Leaving the “Basu Bhaban” behind if we proceed further West we will get to a newly developed locality Acharya Prafulla Nagar. The place was once popular for its famous “Chandmari Math”. In the first half of 20th Century this field was used as a military parade ground by the British. Every year, in the month of November and December military training was organised in this ground, otherwise the field was used as a grazing ground by the local herders throughout the year. During the winter months different sports were also organised. Big camps were erected and petromax lamps illuminated the entire area. People in and around Sonarpur used to flock in to enjoy the drill and the sports events. It was a time of festivity, mirth and merrymaking for them. The excitement was so feverish that every member of the village irrespective of age and sex cherished this grand occasion. When the Britishers played football matches the huge spectators enlivened the tempo and the spirit of the sports. Every face lit with excitement and the sight was unprecedented.

It was 1918, such a football match was taking place. The field was loaded with bystanders. Charu Chandra Basu and Bipin Chandra Ghosh two revered personality of Sonarpur were admist the spectator enjoying the game. It suddenly sprang to their mind that this popular game played by foreigners could also be played by the youths of their village if they got proper training. Local youths playing this game would also become popular as well. This was the thought behind the noble initiative taken by them to establish a sporting association for the sports loving youths of Sonarpur. This thought was materialised with immediate effect and the Sonarpur Sporting Union was formed in 1919 under their patronage. Under the able leadership of Triguna Charan Chakraborty, a native villager, the first football team was created. The club developed with time due to Triguna Charan’s able leadership, percevence and training. Due to financial crunch the players could not be given a proper uniform. They wore white T-shirt and on both its side red “salu” was stitched thereby forming the “Red & White” jersey. The present generation are fore bearing this ancient heritage.